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Scottish Agronomy are the leading Scottish arable research and advice company. We undertake the most extensive trials work of any Scottish organisation. We then disseminate that market leading information to our farmer members through a number of services.


As a farmer owned Co-operative we are fiercely independent and work exclusively to our farmers and trade associates benefit.


We trial  numerous aspects of arable production including the following:


Varieties (We are the main contractor in Scotland for the Recommended and National List trials for AHDB)

Cost effective fungicide programmes

Seed rates


Growth regulators

A range of potato trials including topics like Bacteriophage, herbicide sensitivity, Nnmaticides and fertilisers

We disseminate this information to our subscriber members through our fully qualified, and highly experienced, agronomy team.


We have a range of services that we offer:


For farmers, farm managers or growers please click here


For trade organisations interested in our agronomy advice click here


For trade manufacturers, breeders or distributors interested in our contract trials click here


We offer a range of agronomy services dependent on your own skills or budget. If you are comfortable walking your own crops we have our Information Service:


Scottish Agronomy Information Service


Although this is our basic service, we provide you access to a broad range of valuable benefits:


Monthly bulletins describing crop development, detailed input requirements, seasonal problems and updates on trials

Open days on trial sites. These are attended by key staff who update members on trials progress, demonstrate vital factors and answer queries on relevant crop management issues.

Annual regional results meetings to analyse and discuss the conclusions of the seasons trials.

Annual conference where invited speakers drawn from research organisations from the UK and abroad address members on a range of topics

Regular e-mail delivery of key trial results during harvest

Telephone or e-mail access is available throughout the growing season

To get access to this service, call Angus on 07720 091717 for more info.


If you would like to get some “on farm” advice, then consider our group membership option:


Scottish Agronomy Group Membership


So in addition to all the services included in the “Information Service” above, members also access monthly meetings in groups of approximately 8 - 12 local farmers. These meetings are attended by a Scottish Agronomy agronomist and detailed crop management input matters are discussed, as well as any topical marketing and legislative matters.


Each month the group meets on a different farm, in rotation. The group then moves on during the day to examine as many crops on other farms within the group as is necessary to satisfy each member of the decisions requiring action over the next month.


Groups are established in all the main arable areas, from Easter Ross to the Borders.


For consideration to join this level, in the first instance, email (Eric/Andrew/Grieg define 1?)


For many growers, there is no substitute for a personal service crop inspection. This is a service we can offer across Scotland and it includes the following services:


Scottish Agronomy 1-2-1 Membership


Members subscribing to this level get all of the benefits of the “Information Service” but with the addition of a personal agronomist visit for up to half a day per month. You can use the agronomist’s time to walk crops and also to advise on the legal minefield to ensure compliance for both legislative and customer specifications.


If you are interested in the 1-2-1 service, one of our agronomists can visit to discuss the options. Call 01577 862759 for an appointment.


We have created a gallery to explain our service visually. Click here to visit

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