Can you help me fill out my NVZ forms?

Yes, we have our own software developed exclusively for our members. Our staff are trained in the operation of this and can complete the operation for you.

What services do you offer for potato growers

We have a specialised potato agronomy service package. Click here to view details. We also have a large potato trials operation, view the potato trials page here

Do you carry out contract trials?

Yes, we specialise in this and are registered for efficacy testing. Click here for more details of our trials system

Can I request an on-farm visit to view a problem?

Yes, we are available to consult on a specific problem. However, before any formal recommendation can be given, you must join, for insurance purposes.

Which regions do you cover?

Scottish Agronomy cover all the arable areas of Scotland, from the Borders to Easter Ross

Are Scottish Agronomy open to new members?

Yes, we welcome new members. You can join either as information only, group, or as a full service 1-2-1 member